Being a foreigner you will need to spell your name and surname countless times. In the UK we use the NATO phonetic alphabet, which is international and universal.

You can find it here below and you will probably end up learning it by heart as it is so useful!

A for Alfa,

B for Bravo,

C for Charlie,

D for Delta,

E for Echo,

F for Foxtrot,

G for Golf,

H for Hotel,

I for India,

J for Juliet,

K for Kilo,

L for Lima,

M for Mike,

N for November,

O for Oscar,

P for Papa,

Q for Quebec,

R for Romeo,

S for Sierra,

T for Tango,

U for Uniform,

V for Victor,

W for Whiskey,

X for X-ray,

Y for Yankee,

Z for Zulu.