Did you know that Bristol has been branded the ‘kindest city’ in the UK? Bristolians carry out more “good deeds” than anywhere else in Britain and are the most likely to volunteer their spare time to helping others.

Bristol beat off Leeds, Southampton and Cardiff to be named the “kindest”, after a study by charity 52 Lives and GalaBingo concluded that people in the city carry out more kind acts than anywhere else.
Good deeds include giving money to charity or the homeless (57%), helping a stranger in need (52%), supporting a loved one (49%) and picking up rubbish (39%).
But also acts of common kindness which sometimes we forget such as offering our seat to an older person, holding the door for people, giving directions or simply smiling to those you meet.
And after all, helping others we help ourselves: it`s scientifically proven that the kindest people are the happiest. When we do something nice for others, our brain releases serotonin and dopamine, our feel-good neurotransmitters. This makes us feel not only happy but also lessens anxiety and self-esteem issues.
In fact Bristol also came top when we looked into the “. Are you surprised?