Once you have your National Insurance number, you can register with a GP practice near to where you live.
It is always wise to tick this off your list instead of waiting until you are not well!

Follow this link and type in your post code in order to find out your local surgery.




When you go there to register, you will be asked for:

– Your National Insurance number
– A proof of address
– A form of ID such as your passport


You will need to fill in a form with all your personal details and medical history. This also includes important medical information of your closest relatives.


Around a week later, you will be posted a letter from the NHS confirming that you have been officially signed onto the National Health System. In this letter you will also find your NHS number which you should keep safe.


If you need an appointment with a doctor, (unless it`s an urgent matter), you will need to call the surgery reception to book.
Your doctor will see you and decide if you need a referral letter to see a specialist or to do any further tests.


Check out the NHS website for useful health news, care and support.