If you are planning to move to Bristol, you will definitely need a British mobile number. However, don`t forget that you can still keep your foreign number on WhatsApp as it works on an internet basis and is independent from the sim you put in your device.

GiffGaff is usually the most popular option for people coming from abroad and is completely free!

GiffGaff is the cheapest company on the market. Their goody bags last 30 days and every month you can chose which one you want to activate, depending on what you need, what you have consumed the month before, what you are planning to do (if you are going on a trip you might need more data while if you spend all day in a wi-fi covered area, you might need less). It`s completely up to you every month!

With GiffGaff, there are no contracts, no minimum number of months, no hidden tricky terms.

GiffGaff is an independent Company (even if it is part of O2) and have the best signal service in the UK.

You can request the sim from your own country and it only takes a few days to arrive. You may prefer GiffGaff to forward the sim to your new address in Bristol. Just remember to tell someone at your new accommodation that you are waiting for this letter.

You can top up your sim using a foreign credit/debit card.

If possible, activate your sim before you get to the UK especially if you are coming here to work. Your British mobile number must be on your Curriculum Vitae as it is unlikely that potential employers will contact you on a foreign num-ber.

You can order your sim from this link: