In the UK, plug sockets are completely different form all the other European Countries. The same goes for Malta, Cyprus, Ireland and most ex-British colonies.

british sockets

Apart from the shape which is completely different, there are two more specific features which makes them “special”.

First of all they have a fuse in order to protect the appliances from short circuit damage. The fuse is cheap and easy to replace.

Moreover every plug socket has a single switch so that you don`t need to unplug the appliance if you want to interrupt the electricity flow. This feature is useful for safety reasons.

The voltage is 230V and the frequency is 50Hz, the same as in most European countries so you will definitely be able to use your hairdryer or laptop in the UK.

Do not look for plug sockets in bathrooms! It is very rare to find them here, again for safety reasons.

You can find many adaptors for British plug sockets, especially at the airport. They are all the same quality so don`t be fussy about that. However, after a while you will find it easier to buy a new plug for your phone-charger rather than going around withyour adaptor!